LISTEN: Cassadee Pope Welcomes Karen Fairchild and Lindsay Ell for "What The Stars See"

The three artists are also working on an upcoming music video for the song

Cassadee Pope welcomes two more powerhouse vocalists for her new single "What The Stars See," as she teams with Lindsay Ell and Little Big Town's Karen Fairchild for this polished track filled with the angst-fueled musings that follow a breakup.

In the new track, she wonders what her ex-lover is doing at that moment, and wishes she could have the perspective of the stars above to get a glimpse of how her ex is coping after the relationship's demise. Pope wrote the song with Lindsey Rimes and Jake Rose.

They're so lucky they know exactly where you are/what you're feeling in your heart and if you're sorry that you're not with me tonight/that you ever said goodbye, Fairchild sings on one of the verses. Fairchild also co-produced "What The Stars See" alongside Nick Wheeler.

"I was inspired to write 'What The Stars See' after sitting outside one night looking up at the stars, curious what their perspective might be looking down on us,” Pope said via a release. "It made me think back to times in my life when I had just come out of a relationship but still felt so connected to the other person. I imagined having the superpower to be among the stars and observe, from their perspective, an ex moving on with their life (or not)."

The upcoming video—inspired by the film Blade Runner and helmed by Ed Pryor—will also feature Fairchild and Ell.

Pope is currently working on new music to follow last year's acoustic solo project Stages.

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