Craig Campbell's "Flyin' My Country Flag" Salutes His New Hometown

"Be proud of who you are and where you come from," he says.

Craig Campbell is fired up about showing off his new hometown of Eagleville, Tennessee, in his latest music video, "Flyin' My Country Flag." Shot on location in his back yard, on stage with his band, and at a local tractor pull, the high-energy video showcases a lifestyle eponymous with "country" living -- and captures the spirit of thousands of other small, rural towns across America.

Campbell is familiar to country fans already with early singles such as "Family Man" and "Fish," as well as newer hits like "Outta My Head" and "Keep Them Kisses Comin'." Asked what he hopes people will take away from watching his new music video for "Flyin' My Country Flag," he replies, "Be proud of who you are and where you come from, whether that's a small town, a big city or anywhere in between."

Songwriters: Craig Campbell, Ben Hayslip, Michael Carter; Director: Bo Ibbotson

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