Premiere: Alana Springsteen's "Zero Trucks" Offers Hope When Love Is Lost

"Endings are usually the universe's way of nudging you in the right direction," says the performer

Virginia Beach-born and currently Nashville-based country artist Alana Springsteen's latest, "Zero Trucks," is an anthemic song that offers hope where love has been lost. Giving "zero trucks" about what's next for her in love and life, it's a refreshing and carefree song perfectly aimed at overcoming the bummer of summer romance gone wrong.

The video for the song reflects friends aiding Springsteen in moving on. As the vocalist, herself notes, "I believe endings are usually the universe's way of nudging you in the right direction. If there's anything fans take away from this video, I'd love for it to be that sense of hope."

The reality of how the video came to be feels similar to the clip itself.

"I texted a bunch of friends in Nashville and they showed up at Shipwreck Cove on Percy Priest Lake for a day on the water," Springsteen says. "There was no choreography or planning for any of the pontoon shots. The cameras were rolling and everyone just ran around having the most fun for a few hours. At one point, I remember standing on the top deck of the pontoon, and the boat started rocking as everyone was jumping off. I'm still shocked I didn't fall overboard."

Related, Springsteen adds, "There's nothing more calming to me than being near the water. In coming up with the concept for this video, I started thinking about where I would want to be and who I'd want to be with if I was going through a hard time, and that's exactly what you see in the video."

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