Miranda Lambert: Advance Listen of 'Platinum'

Eight Tracks Streaming Exclusively on CMT.com

You might want to call in sick today. Because starting right now, you can listen to half of Miranda Lambert's upcoming Platinum album on CMT.com.

And what a half it is. These eight of the 16 tracks are so good. My gut tells me this will be Lambert's best album.

I haven't heard the other half (other than the title track) of the album, but I have a pretty good feeling that all of the tracks have been well-crafted to capture Lambert's signature sound -- undeniably country but still somehow modern and always cool. Like if Loretta Lynn did a duet with Eric Church.

Lambert had a hand in writing three of these eight streamable tracks -- "Bathroom Sink," "Holding On to You" and "Another Sunday in the South." But even though Lambert used outside writers on the new album, she really owns every track she sings. So the other five tracks on this stream are great tunes, no matter who's getting the songwriting credit.

As usual, it's the lyrics that get me. In "Bathroom Sink," she sings, "It's amazing to see the amount of rejection that I see in my reflection, but I can't get out of the way." And "Old Sh!t" features some old-timey harmonica and record scratches and lines like "One man's trash is another man's treasure, one man's pain is another man's pleasure/If it's out of style, sure drives me wild."

And "Babies Makin' Babies" is a much-needed contribution to country music's old-fashioned unplanned teen pregnancy coffers.

The entire album will be out June 3, but for now, spend some time with the first half. We guarantee it will be the best half hour of your day.

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