John Schneider Ponders Legal Action Against eBay Bidder

Actor John Schneider is contemplating legal action against a California man who has apparently reneged on an eBay bid of $9.9 million to purchase a 1969 Dodge Charger that had been used as the General Lee on The Dukes of Hazzard. After submitting the high bid last week, William Fisher of Laguna Hills -- registered as "fishbashr1" on the eBay site -- missed the deadline for submitting a deposit for the vehicle. Although the car is owned by Schneider, who portrayed Bo Duke in the TV show, it is just one of many similar vehicles used during the production of the series. In a written statement, Schneider said, "As the week has progressed, it appears more and more evident that the winning bidder from my 'Bo's General Lee' auction has no intention of coming up with the promised funds. The deadline for deposit was missed on Monday [May 7], and nobody is more upset or disappointed than I am. I have been on the phone with my lawyer ... and am taking steps to force compliance of the winning bidder to the rules and regulations of the auction. This may have been the most publicly viewed auction ever. People's word should be their bond." Schneider's representative emphasized that the Dukes star is not contacting other bidders in an attempt to sell the car.

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