Inside Miranda Lambert’s New (Old) Airflyte Trailer

She Is Going "Glamping," So Cue the Jalousie Windows

All I really need to know about Miranda Lambert’s new (old) trailer is that it has jalousie windows -- the kind of windows with the cranks. Like from back before everything became automatic. It's like she is living her own "Automatic" song.

So right after Lambert tweeted a photo of the trailer, saying, “Newest member of the family! This is Dixie yall! A 1961 Shasta! #glamping#itsthelittlethings#Texasroadtrip,” I set out to find out what the inside might look like.

Lambert’s “canned ham” travel trailer -- the iconic 1961 Shatsta Airflyte -- is seafoam green and could have cost anywhere from $5,000 (for an original that’s been gently used) to $17,000 (for one of the 1,941 reproductions the company made to celebrate its 75th anniversary).

The reissues are as close to exact replicas as possible, so no matter which one Lambert bought, she will most likely have those jalousie windows, countertops trimmed in aluminum edging, bench seating, a magazine rack hanging on the wall, cabinet doors with Chevron handles and other little retro touches.

This Airflyte is the kind of travel trailer you tow, much like Lambert’s 1954 Flying Cloud Airstream trailer was. That one, which she’d dubbed Wanda the Wanderer, was on the road last spring and summer, but maybe she’s letting Wanda sit this one out while Dixie takes her turn.

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