Carly Pearce Says the "Ladies of Country" Have Been Inspiring Her Songwriting

The '29' EP vocalist has been "getting reacquainted with the music that made me want to do this for a living"

While in the midst of creating a rumored follow-up to her smash success EP 29, Carly Pearce joined CMT's Cody Alan to discuss what's been at the forefront of her mind in her songwriting process as of late. And, in an answer that proves that the rising country star likely shares something in common with much of her fanbase, she noted that "the ladies of country" are high on her list of lyrical inspirations.

"Because of having this newfound resurgence of my musical roots, I have gone back and have been obsessing over Lee Ann Womack, and The Chicks, and Sara Evans, and Patty Loveless, and Alison Krauss and Union Station. Just kind of listening to that music and getting reacquainted with the music that made me want to do this for a living," says Pearce.

While writing her current hit "Next Girl" with Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, those artists' styles shined. "We all love the ladies of country. We were talking about Patty Loveless and all of those anthems that she had. Faith [Hill] had all of those anthems, Martina [McBride] and Sara Evans, and Lee Ann Womack. It just kind of spilled out."

She regards this era of her career as particularly transformational, which is also apparent in her music. "I think at this point in your life, sometimes things end up the way you thought they would, and sometimes they don't end up the way that you thought they would. I hope that when people listen to this music, if you are going through any kind of struggle, it will give you hope and redemption on the other side."

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