Carly Pearce: First Comes Love

How Michael Ray Is Worth the Heartbreak

The last time I caught up with Carly Pearce, she wouldn’t share very much about her upcoming wedding. And I get that. She wants her personal life to stay personal, and I’m guessing her fiancé Michael Ray feels the same way.

But you know what’s even better that getting Pearce to talk about the wedding? Getting her to talk about the marriage and all the love she feels for Ray.

"People always ask me, ‘Is it really as real as it is online?’ And it really is. He really is that wonderful," Pearce told me. "It was worth every single heartbreak and failed relationship that I’d ever had.

"He’s the real deal, and I’m really lucky."

So the relationship is her top priority, but still. There will be a wedding someday soon. And a dress, a ceremony, a reception, a meal, a gift registry and of course, music. And while Pearce wouldn't reveal any specifics, she did say they are both making the plans together. "He’s way more into it than I thought he would be," she said.

"It’s such an exciting time for both of our families. And thankfully, we have so much in common, so we both agree on how we want our wedding to be. It’s a special time," she said. "We are working on place, we are working on a date, and I'm working on dress, and have asked a couple designers to show me what's possible."

Ray proposed to Pearce while they were on vacation in Tulum, Mexico late last year.

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