#NashvilleCMT Recap [SPOILER ALERT]

Maddie Is Sorry She’s Not Sorry

Let me get this straight: The Nashville cops do some low-key racial profiling, and somehow that means that Maddie should apologize? Thanks, but no thanks.

On Thursday night's (June 22) episode of Nashville, while Deacon was trying to sort out the mess between Maddie, her boyfriend Clay, the police and the media that continued to tie them all together, he brought in a councilman who was going to make it all go away. And in order to do that, he said Maddie would have to go public with a mea culpa.

"If I did something wrong, then so did the cops," Maddie demanded.

The new girl in town, Alyssa, told Maddie that sometimes you have to say you're sorry and pretend like you mean it.

"Count me out," Maddie said. After she stormed off, Deacon reassured her that he had her back. "Your momma was a fighter. She passed that down to you. Whatever you want to do, do it. You need to say something in your own words," he said.

She ultimately did take the apology into her own hands and made a video explaining that she's sorry, but she's not sorry. At the end of the video, she performed a song and dedicated it to Clay. But Clay? He was packing up his car and driving off into the Nashville sunset. Because some TV news show had unearthed a kerfuffle from five years ago when Clay had some troubles with his late mother's boyfriend.

"There was never a real place for us. We just couldn't admit it," Clay told a teary Maddie.

And she might not have been crying just because of the sudden breakup. It could've been that her debut single was taking the hit, too. After a radio station in Memphis dropped Maddie's song because of the scandal, her late mom's manager Bucky told her about the Dixie Chicks controversy back in the day.

"God, country, military, police: Those are no-fly zones, and you went there. All I can tell you is that the music world can be pretty unforgiving. Natalie (Maines) never apologized, and that was brave. But her career was never the same," Bucky said.

Elsewhere in the Belle Meade mansion, Daphne's homeless friend Liv could not get out of her own way. First, Liv gave Daphne a smoky eye and Maddie hated it. Then Liv made a GIF of Maddie yelling at the cops -- and posted it online with the hashtag #whitegirlsmattertoo -- and Daphne hated it.

But back to Alyssa. She is a hotshot from the tech world, and Zach told Deacon he wanted to bring her into the Highway 65 family as chief strategy officer and the go-to for times when the company needs to pivot.

"The truth is, the label survived on Rayna's fame, what she brought in subsidized everybody else," Zach told Deacon. "Alyssa's whole mission is to put us on a path that would be sustainable for years to come."

Her first order of business was to tell the artists that they need to consider brand partnerships. That didn't go over very well, until a major brewery approached Will. Then, suddenly, brand partnerships seemed to go down easy.

Gunnar wasn't quite so lucky in love like Will and Zach are. He tried to make Scarlett a romantic candlelit dinner at home, but when it was over, Scarlett couldn't really wrap her head around how she felt. So she went to Deacon and told him as much, asking, "Is it weird that I never really want to be physical?"

Deacon has the perfect answer. "Life will deal you some strange hands. Maybe just take a little pressure off how you're supposed to feel," Uncle D. told her.

Deacon also arranged for all the Highway 65 artists to come over for dinner and welcome Hallie to the squad.

"Hallie, artists like you are you are the reason my Rayna started this label," he said. "Cheers!"

Once the meal was over, Avery approached Hallie for some one-on-one bonding over roots music. She was so impressed with his genuine love of her world that she agreed to have him produce her record. And if my instincts are any good, maybe something more than music will come out of that session.

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