CMT Premiere: MacKenzie Porter's New Video for 'Pickup' is Barbie and Broken Hearts

The Canadian singer recently rose to notoriety as Dustin Lynch's duet partner in their six-week No. 1 hit "Thinking 'Bout You"

MacKenzie Porter’s new music video for her song “Pickup” is all Barbie, bubblegum pink and broken hearts.

Porter couldn’t be happier.

“The 'Pickup' music video was one of my favorite music video shoots I've ever done,” she said. “I loved the concept, from the minute we came up with it so seeing it come to life was so special. My favorite part was my dog (daughter), Willa, made her acting debut! It goes by so fast but she's in there and it makes me so happy to see her little face on screen.”

Written by Porter, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan, the song asks the question, “Who is that pickup picking up now?” Justin Clough directed the video that sees Barbie come to life, but it definitely wasn’t her dream house situation.

“I really wanted the video to tell the story of a breakup in a unique way -- not directly on the lyric,” Porter said. “When we came up with the ‘Barbie comes to life but doesn't get the guy in the end’ just felt right. As a young girl I thought Barbie was everything - she had it all together, the perfect hair, the perfect face, the perfect body. But I love telling the story that even though someone's life looks 'perfect' on paper, that never really reflects reality. Nobody's life is perfect, and we all get our hearts broken at some point.”

The Canadian-born singer, who recently rose to popularity as Dustin Lynch’s duet partner on the six-week No. 1 hit “Thinking ‘Bout You,” hopes the video makes people feel less alone when they’re dealing with heartbreak.

“I hope it lets them know that we all, at some point in our life, don't get the guy or the girl,” she said. “I thought it turned out in such a fun way, and it totally brings our vision to life. I hope everyone likes it as much as I do!”

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