Cam Shares Anxious Pre-Show Ritual

Resolves to Give a (Expletive) For What Matters

Sometime last year, Cam was having a little bit of self-doubt before one of her shows. It was all about the am-I-pretty-enough question that runs through almost every woman's mind from time to time. So she snapped a pre-show selfie to send to her friend to get a second opinion to determine if she was indeed ugly or ridiculous or stupid.

In the photo she shared on Instagram, Cam is none of the above. She is wearing a white lace top, jeans, her enviable blond curls and a soft smile. But that's not what's important anymore.

"Check out that look of concern! This was 2017, sending a pic to one of my besties -- asking if I looked ugly/ridiculous/stupid. Before every show or public appearance, I put myself through about one hour of anxiety, trying to fix myself up to match some idea of what I'm 'supposed' to look like," Cam wrote in part one of her New Year's resolution.

"Doesn't matter if I have a stylist or makeup artist helping me either btw, I still get anxious. Once I'm onstage, it disappears, but it's frustrating that I let this insecurity become a routine that eats at my time, money, confidence and ultimately reinforces the idea that I am not in control of my own worth.

"But I am."

Cam goes on to talk about finding a healthier barometer of beauty. Like how her music makes people feel.

"How I make people feel is how they REALLY see me. How 'beautiful' I am only really matters to shallow people (and industry losers), but usually they are so concerned with their own appearance they don't really see me. Beauty is a made up set of rules to follow -- an ever-changing game we unconsciously agree to play every day (esp on social media). But it doesn't make my music any better, it doesn't make me happier, and it's actually a massive waste of my potential to put someone else's ideas ahead of my own," she says.

But Cam maintains that it's her choice if she stays in the guessing game, or politely bows out. And she has chosen the latter.

"I've decided I'm gonna leave these insecure moments in 2017. I'm gonna save my give-a-(expletives) for magical stuff this year. Just like that.

"So here I go, looking however I look, without the worry, to more present and powerful experiences in 2018."

Those are Cam's #2018goals.

And possibly the goals of her hundreds of thousands of followers who might just follow her beautiful lead.

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