Danielle Bradbery: On Reintroducing Herself

Calls 'The Voice' "The Best Insane"

If you thought you knew Danielle Bradbery because she won The Voice in 2013, you need to meet her all over again. Because it sounds like the 21-year-old with a new album doesn't have a whole lot in common with the teenager from the reality TV talent show.

In fact, she calls her time on The Voice insane.

"That whole experience was insane, but the best insane. I was so shy in the beginning, and everybody was like, 'Well, those two don't match. You're going on national television, but you're really shy,'" Bradbery told All Access.

Sway (Official Video) by Danielle Bradbery on VEVO.

It was Bradbery's mom, she said, that signed her up for The Voice. And she wasn't exactly thrilled about it, until her adrenaline took over, and she ultimately won. After the show was over and her debut album was released, Bradbery waited four long years before releasing her next one. I Don't Believe We've Met was released on Friday (Dec. 1).

"I Don't Believe We've Met is like a re-introduction for myself, because being 16 years old starting out in all of this, and now being 21, there's a lot that I wanted to learn, just about everything -- the business, myself as a person, who Danielle Bradbery was gonna be as an artist," she said. And now that she's been out on a radio tour, reintroducing herself to the people who will play (or not play) her new music, she is glad to have the chance to show those people who she is now.

"Who knows how 17-year-old Danielle came off in the beginning," she wondered.

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