Bridget Caldwell's "Kingmaker" Celebrates Care And Empowerment

"This is a song that recognizes care and caregivers in all forms," says the Nashville-based singer-songwriter

It takes a village to raise a child, or so the adage goes. However, for Nashville-based singer-songwriter Bridget Caldwell, the idea that it takes a community to make a king could be more apropos. To wit, her new single -- and video -- for "Kingmaker" is a ballad that celebrates those whose care and empowerment make us all stronger, more compassionate people. In addition, the title single from her debut EP releasing August 6, features a video that offers a uniquely personal twist on the song's deep meaning.

"I’ve been a nanny for the better part of my twenties, and the kids you see in the video are my nanny kids and their neighbors," Caldwell tells CMT about the Joe Gomez-directed clip. "We filmed the video at their house. I think just seeing them all there, being a part of this musical project that meant so much to me, is something I will never forget. It felt like a real full-circle moment for me."

Relating to how the video has a broad impact, Caldwell adds, "I really wanted this video to be open to many ideas of what a 'Kingmaker' could be. I wanted Nana because I want folks to think of the person or people who empowered them in their lives and identities, no matter who that is. Your grandma, your nanny, your brother, your mom, your teacher, your partner, on and on and on. There is no one story, or person, that outperforms another. This is a song that recognizes care and caregivers in all forms and I hope there is room for all to find their stories. And I really feel the video brought that idea to life while still leaving room for individual interpretation."

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