CMT Premiere: Mickey Guyton Honors Women Worldwide with "Woman"

Mickey Guyton: "Women are miracles, and I hope they feel power in that."

Mickey Guyton honors women around the world with her song, "Woman." The video is an ode to female empowerment and the influential women in their lives.

Guyton wrote the song with Victor Franco, Oliver Frid, Kameron Glasper and Tayla Parx. Christen Pinkston and Wesley Stebbins-Perry produced and directed the clip, which Guyton calls "breathtaking."

"I loved the idea of writing a song that celebrates the power women have," Guyton said. "Throughout history and even today, women have taken pain, setbacks, and doubt, and they turn that into inner strength and persevere to achieve incredible things. Releasing this during International Women's Month seemed only fitting. We're miracle workers, y'all!"

Guyton treasures several memorable moments from the shoot, including her son Grayson's appearance on the set and her showing him in the final scene. She also enjoyed spending time with the other women featured in the video.

"One of my favorite memories is getting to spend time with Samantha, who is in the video. She is a pilot and part of an organization called Black Women in Aviation. She is an incredible person, and it is so inspiring to see women taking up space in such a prestigious industry."

The singer hopes fans who watch the clip "feel how powerful we all are."

"Every single one of us came from a woman," she said. "That in itself is a miracle. Women are miracles, and I hope they feel power in that."

Guyton cried when she saw the finished video, especially during the scene that showed her holding a picture of her grandmother. Guyton's grandma passed away in 2023, but the singer said she "felt her spirit that day."

"The video is so beautiful, and seeing all of the power in just being who you are on display in a video is everything I dreamed of and more," she said. "The women didn't need to do anything but just be, and that is what is so powerful about this video."

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