Chris Stapleton & John Mayer: If They're Not a Duo Already, Should They Be?

WATCH: 13 Minutes of Their Nashville Collaboration

When John Mayer fans piled into Nashville's Bridgestone Arena on Thursday night (Aug. 8), they were let in on something very, very special: a Chris Stapleton instant collaboration.

It was a song the two singer-songwriters threw together on Wednesday -- which was the first night of Mayer's two-night stay in Nashville -- and by the time the Thursday concert rolled around, they were already ready to share it.

It's called "I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care."

"I’ve done a lot of cool stuff before, but nothing quite like writing a song with the great @chrisstapleton on a Wednesday and playing it live on an arena stage on a Thursday," Mayer posted on Instagram after the show.

"It’s called 'I Just Remembered That I Didn’t Care,' and it’s available now somewhere on YouTube. (And if that wasn’t enough, he sat in on “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room.”) Thanks Chris for the idea to write a song to perform together, and for being such a creative powerhouse. The afterglow is bright." (📷 @daniel)

If by afterglow, Mayer means that the two of them kind of make magic when they collaborate, then we'd love to hear more. Maybe an album? Maybe a tour? Either way, we're all in.

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