Alan Jackson Concert Raises $2 Million For Tornado-Damaged Newnan, Georgia

"It takes a lot to put on a show this big, and we really are grateful to all the help," noted the country star

In March 2021, Alan Jackson's hometown of Newnan, Georgia, was ravaged by tornadoes that damaged an estimated 1,700 homes, plus resulted in $75 million in auto and home insurance claims. In response, the country star held a day-long concert event in his Georgia hometown, at the Coweta County Fairgrounds, raising $2 million to assist residents whose lives were upended by the weather disaster.

“It’s good to be back down here in my hometown of Newnan, Georgia,” Jackson told the crowd of over 20,000 who gathered. “I’m from wife, Denise, is from Newnan...we were both born and raised here...and all of our childhood and young adult memories come from this area. When we saw what that tornado did coming through here a few months ago, it broke my heart. It broke Denise’s heart. We had relatives affected by it and friends. The high school that we went to got hit. I was hoping we’d be able to do something to try to help down here’s just been amazing how this community came together to make this happen.”

Jackson was joined by Chris Young, Caylee Hammack, and fellow country-performing Newnan natives Adam Wright and Brian Wright. Plus, Jered Ames from Jackson’s downtown Nashville honky-tonk, AJ’s Good Time Bar, and local artists Corbette Jackson and Will Finley also performed. Proceeds from the event benefitted the Coweta Community Foundation’s tornado relief fund.

“This was a great day,” Jackson added. “A lot of people dedicated their time here, volunteering. It takes a lot to put on a show this big, and we really are grateful to all the help. Most of all, we appreciate all of you people that have come out and help all these folks in need.”

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