Watch: Loretta Lynn Honors Her Friend Patsy Cline in "I Fall to Pieces"

"We were the best of girlfriends and I think people watching will feel that," she says.

To nearly all of us, Loretta Lynn has been a country music legend for as long as we can remember. But of course, she was once a newcomer on the scene, playing any stage she could.

One night on the Midnite Jamboree, a radio show that aired right after the Grand Ole Opry, Loretta sang "I Fall to Pieces" by Patsy Cline, who happened to be listening. Loretta admired Patsy, of course, but didn't know her personally. That quickly changed, as Loretta herself explains in the interview below.

This poignant video of "I Fall to Pieces" celebrates the friendship between these two country music heroes, as does Loretta's new book, Me & Patsy Kickin' Up Dust: My Friendship with Patsy Cline. Take a look at "I Fall to Pieces," then read our Q&A with Loretta Lynn below the player.

CMT: Patsy Cline recorded so many classics in her catalog. Why did you choose "I Fall to Pieces" to honor her?

Loretta Lynn: Singing “I Fall to Pieces” makes me think so much about my love and friendship with Patsy Cline. In 1961 I sang that song for the first time at the Ernest Tubb Record Shop’s Midnite Jamboree. Patsy was in a car wreck and was in really bad shape in the Madison Hospital. Patsy heard me dedicate the song to her on the radio and sent her husband Charlie to fetch me.

I couldn’t believe Patsy wanted to meet me. You know from that first meeting we just clicked and became friends. I couldn’t think of another song I wanted to sing for our fans, it was the beginning for us.

What do you remember about Patsy's stage presence? And how did audiences receive her?

Patsy had a big presence about her. When she walked on stage, you knew you were watching someone special. Patsy was always pro. She loved to sing and folks loved to hear her. She was 20 years before her time.

You've said that you miss Patsy to this day. What are some of her personal qualities that drew you to her?

You know I really loved her sense of humor. She could keep me laughing. Whatever popped in her head she would say, good or bad. She was a strong person but I loved her tender side watching her with her babies, talking about her Mommy. We had those thing in common.

You and Patsy are both known as women who tell it like it is. How did Patsy's confidence and individuality influence you as a new artist at that time?

When I came to Nashville I think I came in still feeling like a young girl. I don't want to say stupid but naive way of looking at some things. Patsy was one of the first to ask me what I wanted. She wanted to hear what I had to say about things. I’ve said Patsy and I together made one great woman.

When you watch this new video portraying your friendship with Patsy, what goes through your mind?

I miss Patsy every day. When I was writing my book about our friendship it was really hard just remembering the two of us. I did a lot of crying and missed what we had together. When I recorded “I Fall to Pieces” and after watching the video and seeing photos of us, it made me smile. We were the best of girlfriends and I think people watching will feel that.

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