Gretchen Wilson Finds Art in Songwriting

It should go without saying that music is art. But in this interview with American Songwriter, Gretchen Wilson brings up a valid point. "You don't stand over a painter's back when they're painting and say, 'Oh! I wouldn't use that color, I'm not sure if it's safe,'" she says. "A song is a piece of art." It's how she looks at music now that she has the creative freedom of having her own record label. She also admits that she used to be bitter about how pop country had become, but now she realizes that that's a great thing. And she had a lot to say about the women in all genres of music. Like when the magazine asked her who the future Tanyas and Tammys were, she said Reba and Martina. And when they asked if she'd ever cross over, she said, "If I ever crossed over, it would be to the dark rock 'n' roll side. I'm good friends with the gals from Heart, Alice in Chains and Ozzy's band." She added that she could see a "full on George and Tammy duet" with John Rich in her future.

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