The One Thing Brad Paisley Misses the Most

While Brad Paisley is busy in California with Rising Star as it heads into its eight week, I'm assuming there's a lot he misses about being back home in Nashville with his wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley and his sons, Huck and Jasper.

And when we had the chance to talk about it recently, he said he just wishes he could be back in Tennessee to be part of the Rising Star parties at his house.

"I miss my friends, and I miss my farm," Paisley said. "I have a bar that I built in the house. And everybody -- from my family and friends to the band -- they come over and have these Rising Star parties. It's kind of like they're pressuring each other to vote, too. I wish I could be there for that."

Even his boys have been getting involved.

"Huck voted for those OhMG guys," Paisley said of the 7-year-old's choice in the third week of the competition. "But then Jasper voted no for Sarah Darling. I asked him why -- because he's only 5. He'd been voting yes all night, and then here comes Sarah Darling and he votes no.

"Kim's like, 'What are you doing? She's great.'

"And he said, 'I just wanted to see what it felt like to vote no,'" Paisley laughed.

But Paisley didn't just build the bar for these get-togethers. He built it to keep things lively during the recording process. Paisley recorded his upcoming album Moonshine in the Trunk, due Aug. 26, at his home studio, and this new bar was a big part of the new music's sound.

"With the wrong band, the bar would be a terrible mistake," he admitted. "But my guys are serious about music. And they like to drink. You know what, though? It's country music. I mean, if we were making a jazz record, you'd need all your wits about you. Absolutely. But this album was supposed to sound like this. I wanted it to sound like sort of positive modern honky-tonk."

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