Jake Owen Hangs With Kim Kardashian on 'Ellen'

Singer Posts a Not-So-Real-Life Moment With Reality Star

This is so not the kind of real life Jake Owen sings about in his song of the same name. I mean, sure, Kim Kardashian stars in a "reality" series or two, but meeting her backstage at The Ellen DeGeneres Show must have felt kind of unreal for Owen.

Owen posted his picture with Kardashian on social media on Wednesday (Sept. 30), saying, "Really excited about my @TheEllenShow performance today.. Also great to meet you @KimKardashian. #REALLIFE."

He was there to perform his latest single "Real Life," all about how life ain't like what's on TV. (I wonder if Kardashian saw the irony in that.) He danced his way through the audience, much like DeGeneres does at the start of every show. It was the most entertaining three minutes of the show.

Kardashian posted plenty about being on the show, too, but nothing about Owen and his song. Which is kind of weird, because she's married to a musician (Kanye West), so you'd think she'd be a little more dialed in to the music scene.

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