Jo Dee Makes a Pit Stop

Jo Dee Messina spent Wednesday (May 8) at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway filming a video for “Dare to Dream,” her current single. In the middle of the video, a “pit crew” in JDM jumpsuits suddenly surrounds Messina, quickly “tuning up” her wardrobe and makeup. The song appears both on her album Burn and on an upcoming NASCAR-themed collection, Inside Traxx. “The whole CD [Inside Traxx] has songs that are inspirational and that will make you put the pedal to the metal and just keep rockin’!” Messina told CMT News. “‘Dare to Dream’ is very much like that. It’s a song we love to do live. It’s high energy and it’s fun. And it’s also a very positive message, one that I feel very strongly about.” NASCAR driver Bobby Hamilton and his No. 55 Schneider Electric car appear in the video. 05/09/02

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