Flatland Cavalry Encourages Fans To Be Present In “Mountain Song” And Talks Upcoming EP

Flatland Cavalry fans can expect a cozy fall collection perfect for football Sundays and “Chili-making” weather.

Six-piece ensemble Flatland Cavalry wants country-folk fans to stop and smell the roses. The harmony-driven band best known for their Americana hits and rootsy sound, recently (Aug.26) released “Mountain Song.” 

The group comprised of Cleto Cordero [lead vocalist and guitar], Reid Dillion [electric guitar], Wesley Hall  [fiddle], Jonathan Saenz [bass], Jason Albers [percussion], and Adam Gallegos [utility] originated in the dusty panhandle town of Lubbock, Texas. 

It wasn’t until Flatland Cavalry’s frontman Cleto Cordero fled the dry flatland that the inspiration behind “Mountain Song” was born. In the summer of 2017, Cordero penned the thought-provoking narrative alongside close friend  Stephen Constancio while touring the Pacific Northwest. The savvy storyteller was nestled in a picturesque mountain town when he decided to pull from his breathtaking surroundings. 

Cordero placed “Mountain Song” in his back pocket, and Flatland Cavalry waited nearly five years to tackle the track in Bruce Robinson’s iconic Texas studio.

“It’s a song that we’ve had for a while that we just recorded at The Bunker [the Texas recording studio]. It was inspired by the mountain town. I grew up in West Texas, and we got started out in a place where there were no terrains and really no hills – nothing,” Cordero explained to CMT. “We went to Red River, New Mexico, several years ago. I remember being moved by the countryside and everything. So, the song is about being out in the mountains and feeling that kind of nature and the peace it brings.” 

Flatland Cavalry uses imagery to transport listeners to the foothills of New Mexico, as they effortlessly deliver colorful lyrics that capture the true essence of the free-spirited lifestyle. Each member brings their unique flair to the soothing melody, a refreshing blend of traditional and modern country elements. 

“Stars a burnin’| Up in the sky | Celestial angles | Teach me how to fly |  Stars a burnin’ | Won’t you take me on high? Take me on high,” sings Cordero displaying his soulful sound. “Pine tree campfire | End of the night | Embers burnin’ | Shedding new light | Bottle of Blanton’s| Got me feelin’ right | Mountain, mountain | keep me company tonight.” 

The fast-rising act hopes the lively instrumentals and the eye-opening storyline takes listeners on a cross-country journey and encourages them to be present in the moment. 

“You know in ‘Happy Gilmore,’ when you go to your happy place?” said Cordero referring to the 1996 film starring Adam Sandler. “Whatever that means to you, I hope it takes you there. The world is moving on, and it’s fast – but this is more of a sit back in your chair, drink a beer, smoke a cigar, whatever your thing, and don’t forget to be one with nature as well. That is kind of the vibe of it.” 

Mountain Song” serves as a preview to their forthcoming EP, “Songs To Keep You Warm.” Flatland Cavalry exclusively told CMT that the highly anticipated project would include between six or seven songs. 

“We’re going to go into the studio in the next couple of weeks to record a fall EP,” said Flatland Cavalry ahead of their jaw-dropping set at Windy City Smokeout in Chicagoland. “When it’s gray, cloudy, rainy or snowing out and you just want to make Chili when you’re just sitting at home – songs to pair with that. Songs that will make you feel warm. That’s the plan before the years over,” they added full of excitement. 

“Songs To Keep You Warm” will follow their stripped-back collection “Far Out West Sessions,” which was released in May and includes acoustic renditions from their critically acclaimed 2021 album, “Welcome To Countryland.” 

Flatland Cavalry is currently out on the road hitting world-renowned festivals and headlining their own interactive shows. The promising Texas sextet said that performing tracks from their previous collections has felt surreal thus far. 

“We’re doing what we love and doing it while we are young,” said Albers. “We’re going out and playing venues that we haven’t played in a couple of years. It’s totally a privilege. For us to play our music and shine, we feel grateful.” 

Flatland Cavalry will be touring until early December and is excepted to wrap their must-see run in Arkansas at JJ’s Live. For upcoming appearances and tickets, visit

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