Garth Brooks Reveals the Nuts and Bolts of 'Man Against Machine'

Superstar's First Album Since 2001 Comes Out Nov. 11

Garth Brooks is set to release Man Against Machine, his first studio album since 2001, on Tuesday (Nov. 11).

A project Brooks calls one of his most personal yet, the highly anticipated album makes a strong statement about the superstar who has been vocal about his concerns over some technological advancements.

"I think Man Against Machine is pretty much the music against today's technology," he tells CMT Hot 20 Countdown. "We're cutting everything up and fighting so much that the music's kind of taking the back seat. So our job, especially when you're talking about an album, our job is to push that music out front.

"Never (before) have we had an album that was titled from something on a song on the album, this is the first time. But truthfully, I think it was the other way around. Man Against Machine has always been the title. I think the song 'Man Against Machine' came out of that thought."

With the same concerns in mind, Brooks has no plans for watching the charts at the album's launch. He believes quality music will show success over time, regardless of initial sales numbers.

"It's all about the music, and if the music's good, over time it will do what it's supposed to do," he says. "And digital is now a world where we're seeing a lot of action happen, so we'll see."

Meanwhile, Brooks says it's important to strategically place the new songs into his live show, allowing fans to get to know them on a personal level.

"Always start with something off the new album," he reveals. "That's what we've always done every tour. So before In Pieces was out, 'Standing Outside the Fire' was the opening cut, and you just keep going that way.

"So for us the opening song here is 'Man Against Machine,' it kind of fits everything. And then 'People Loving People' comes a little bit halfway through there ... and there's nothing more personal than 'People Loving People,' so they get it."

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