Charles Kelley Shares Unreleased Track That Serves As His “Goodbye Letter To Alcohol”

Charles Kelley: “This song was very therapeutic to write, and I hope it can meet someone where they are.”

Lady’s A’s Charles Kelley has broken his silence since embarking on his sobriety journey. 

After nearly four months of sobriety, the GRAMMY Award-winner shared an unreleased track that serves as a “goodbye letter to alcohol.” Kelley penned the poignant ballad “As Far As You Could” alongside bandmate Dave Haywood and long-time collaborator Jimmy Robbins. 

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Kelley brought the working demo to social media (Nov. 22) to remind fans in a similar situation that they are not alone. 

“This song is my goodbye letter to alcohol…I wrote ‘As Far As You Could’ with my bandmate Dave and the talented Jimmy Robbins, and this is the demo,” he wrote in the caption. “This song was very therapeutic to write, and I hope it can meet someone where they are.” 

The moving lyrics were inspired by his personal and unhealthy experience with the substance. While one verse touches upon his internal battle with alcohol, another explains how his addiction interfered with relationships. 

“It’s why I moved to  Nashville | Why I almost left  | You made me feel alive  | but you scared me half to death | thought I couldn’t hit that stage without you running through my veins. Now I sing the songs I always have|  but the meanings bound to change,” he sings. “ Cause you took me high | But you sure as hell brought me down | We said goodbye…but I’m gonna see you around |  And to tell the truth | I thought I never would | But It’s  time I finally put you down for good.”

A gentle piano melody and subtle string work accompany his crystal clear vocals. Towards the end of the heart-wrenching song, he explains how alcohol once played a vital role in his marriage. As he accepts his dark past, he left off on an optimistic foot – with promising words for his bright future. 

“Well  you gave me the courage the night  I met my wife |  You help me make her laugh ‘til  you helped me make  her cry | You started out a  friend |  turned into something else | Now I like who I am with you sittin’ on the shelf.” 

Notable names in the industry, like Carly Pearce, Cole Swindell, Shay Mooney, Scotty McCreery, Restless Road, Karen Fairchild, and more commended Kelley for his strength, progress, and vulnerability. 

“Beautiful! So good. Keep on your journey❤️,” said country legend Tanya Tucker. “Look who’s standing now❤️” shared Kelley’s wife, Cassie. “@cassiemkelley couldn’t have done it without u,” the hitmaker replied back. 

Kelley did not confirm a release date or any additional information regarding the track. “As Far As You Could” marks Kelley’s first solo release since 2016. The unreleased song follows Lady A abruptly canceling their Request Line Tour. The highly anticipated run is rescheduled for 2023 to give Kelley the time he needs to become a healthy and better version of himself. 

“We have decided to postpone our Request Line Tour until next year,” read a statement issued by the group in August. “Being on the road with our fans is our greatest joy, so it was a hard but important decision to make. We are a band, but more importantly…we’re family. We’re proud to say that Charles has embarked on a journey to sobriety.” 

The statement continued: “So, right now in order to be the healthiest, strongest, and most creative band we can, Lady  A will take the time with the support of our families and team of professionals, to walk through this together. It’s early on this road, but we are determined to do what will best set us up for many more years together. We’re grateful for your patience.” 

Kelley previously expressed his appreciation and thanked his devoted listeners for understanding. While navigating his new reality, the vocalist clarified that he’s looking forward to getting back on the road and seeing through a “clearer lens.” 

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please visit or call (866)617–6298.

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