OFFSTAGE: Miranda Lambert: No Little Bitty Love Songs

(CMT Offstage keeps a 24/7 watch on everything that's happening with country music artists behind the scenes and out of the spotlight.)

Did you hear? Miranda Lambert got married. It seems like with all the wedding and celebrity news in Lambert's life, we've forgotten that deep down, at her core, she's a musician. So it's high time we started talking about her music again. In this interview for Guitar Center's recent buying guide, Lambert talked about how she got her start in music and what keeps it country. "I tell stories. I don't play it safe. I don't necessarily sing little bitty love songs and radio-friendly songs," she said. "When critics say that my music goes against the grain, and they call me a rebel, it's because I really do sound different and sing about things that are a little left of center. But I hope that people feel like they know me when they're done listening to my records." Boy, do we ever. She's kind of an open book. The kind you like to read from cover to cover. But what I've always loved about Lambert's music is that it's just so country. Maybe it's those stories she's telling or just the twang she's telling them with. "I'm country through and through. I love country music. I grew up on it. A lot of country artists are now crossing over to the mainstream, but I think actual country music itself has become the new form of popular music right now. Country music has a buzz about it, and we deserve it." She also says she's been hooked on songwriting ever since "Take Me Back to Texas," the very first song she ever wrote.

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