Cody Johnson Gets the "Car Sing-A-Long" Treatment From Gabby Barrett, Cade Foehner

“We love us some Cody Johnson music,” says the "I Hope" vocalist

A duet from breakout country star Gabby Barrett and her beau Cade Foehner is likely to happen at some point. However, if excited for the potential pairing, a recent social media post made by the married twosome should entertain and tide you over for the time being.

“It was all worthwhile / When I finally saw you smile / Every highway, every heartbreak / Every mountain, every mile,” Barrett and Foehner sing in unison to fellow country star Cody Johnson's 2019 single "On My Way To You." “We love us some Cody Johnson music!” Barrett captioned the video posted in her Instagram stories on Saturday, May 22, while Barrett and Foehner were in the car on an afternoon drive.

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When not driving or singing -- or even winning multiple Billboard Music Awards -- Barrett and Foehner are the parents of a newborn (born Jan. 18, 2021) daughter, Baylah Mae. Related to his joy about her birth, Foehner noted to his wife via Instagram, “What an honor to be your husband. Thank you for bearing me a child my Wife. The Lord Jesus has given me so much that I scarce can believe it. Not only to be saved from sin because of His Gospel but to also be given a Wife who is not only my best friend in the whole wide world but who also has bore me a child. I am a blessed man beyond my understanding.”

While making the announcement regarding Baylah Mae's conception in August 2020, Barrett noted that as one of eight kids, women in her family always tried to start a family young. Moreover, because of fear of not knowing how long the coronavirus pandemic would endure, she and Foehner were actively attempting to conceive at its onset, and were “blessed to get pregnant so soon.”

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