CMT PREMIERE: O.N.E The Duo Spills The Piping Hot Tea In "Stuck In The Middle" Music Video

O.N.E The Duo: "I hope people really enjoy the visuals and Alice-in-Wonderland-esque aesthetic we tried to capture."

O.N.E The Duo, composed of mother Tekitha and daughter Prana Supreme has witnessed the country music landscape change before their very eyes. It has been nearly a decade since the family ensemble broke into the genre with their Judds-like harmonies and hip-hop flair, which placed them on radars nationwide. The unstoppable pair continues to push the boundaries with their cross-country sound. Now, their fierce force is more evident than ever in recent release, "Stuck In The Middle."

The mid-tempo track includes traditional country elements like the pedal steel and fiddle. Although, the use of thunderous percussion and swing-worthy handclaps brings the women empowerment anthem to new heights. The mother-daughter duo penned the brutally honest lyrics alongside Nash Overstreet and Shane Stevens. Together they cultivated a twisted tale about a complicated relationship, while touching upon the importance of self-worth.

"Am I the number one spot in your favorites? | Only name up on your A list | If you want this heart better claim it | I'm not here for your entertainment | And I'm not some chick on your playlist | I'm a smash hit that you remix | This ain't some playground | You got 'til the count of now," sings Tekitha before her daughter effortlessly blends her modern twang. "I need it hot or cold | Boy, make it fast or slow | Check off that yes or no | Don't give me that stuck in the middle."

Although mothers seem to know best, the two turn to their good friends to receive an outside opinion on the wishy-washy romance in "Stuck In The Middle." Tekitha and Prana called in video producer Rebecca Adler and director Ford Fairchild to capture their picturesque garden party, where their inner circle gossiped over piping hot tea.

The aesthetically pleasing music video begins with the genre-bending band turning up a pretty pink stereo, before dishing on the sticky situation. The two give the lover they speak of a cut-throat ultimatum, as they know they deserve firm answers. While dressed to the nines in florals, delicate lace, pearls, and pastels – the group raises a glass to their self-respect.

O.N.E The Duo exclusively told CMT that Adler and Fairchild perfectly executed their initial vision.

"I think there were a few ways that we could have brought this song to life. Playing to the "Stuck In The Middle" phrase was one obvious option, but I really wanted to see a video that reflected the colors and images that would flash into my head when we were working on the song," they explained. "This music video really brings to life all the drama and romance yet playfulness of the song, to life."

The two revealed that they pulled inspiration from Disney's animated film "Alice In Wonderland." They hope their devoted listeners acknowledge the small attention to detail that went into creating their fairytale world.

"On a surface level, I hope people really enjoy the visuals and Alice-in-Wonderland-esque aesthetic we tried to capture. Getting a little deeper than that, I hope they feel all the love and care that was put into the video both behind and in front of the camera," said the powerhouse vocalists. "Everyone that was on screen is a friend of ours, and if we were really going through some boy drama, it would play out exactly like this, outfits and all haha. On top of that, working with Ford and Rebecca was a dream and made every second on set so easy and enjoyable," they added.

When reflecting on the filming process, the two said narrowing down their favorite moment from the jammed-packed day was challenging.

"It's hard to pick just one memory because the whole day was fantastic. If I have to choose a favorite memory, though, it is hands down from when we were filming the very first scene of the day at the table. It looked so beautiful and turned out exactly how I had pictured it," shared Prana. "While we were shooting the 'all your friends are telling you to drop this guy' portion of the scene, we really started to get into it. Everyone was laughing really hard, dropping some truth bombs, and actually spilling the tea on some real-life events. I feel like for a second, we all forgot we're actually supposed to be shooting a music video."

When Ford presented the final product, the mother-daughter pair said they were blown away by the striking visuals and how their idea simply became a reality.

"I was and am ecstatic. I couldn't believe how gorgeous Ford made us look," said Tekitha. "This video turned out exactly how I envisioned it, and we couldn't have asked for a better team, crew, and friends to help execute and collaborate with on this video."

The fast-rising group also released an acoustic rendition of "Stuck In The Middle," which displays their critically acclaimed vocal control that has turned them into a household name in the honky tonk town.

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