Restless Road Talks "Last Rodeo," Says The Dream Has Always Been To Be The Biggest Band In Country Music

Restless Road released its debut album "Last Rodeo" on Friday and announced its 2024 Last Rodeo Tour on Monday.

Country trio Restless Road admits that although the group has accomplished some enviable feats since they released their self-titled debut EP in 2020, members Colton Pack, Garrett Nichols, and Zach Beeken admit they started 2023 with some regrets.

"We had said we've gotten to do a lot of pretty incredible things, but if it all ended tomorrow, what would be the one thing we regretted," Pack recalled. "It was not putting out a debut album. We just got to the point where we'd been putting out singles for a while, getting to test the waters with songs on tour and seeing what works. This year we decided we had a lot we wanted to say."

That was in January. Friday, Restless Road released its first full-length album, "Last Rodeo." The 18-song collection is loaded with songs co-written by band members as well as some of the most popular artists and songwriters in country music, including Lady A's Charles Kelley, Devin Dawson, Cole Swindell and more. Songs on the album include streaming monsters "Growing Old With You," "Sundown Somewhere" and "Last Rodeo," which together have accumulated more than 50 million streams.

"We want to give people the chance to really get to know Restless Road on a deeper level and hear our story and all the different sides of us as one full body of work," Pack said.

After the band decided to prioritize recording an entire album, they took the next three to four months to write songs for the project.

"You don't ever know how it's going to work out," Pack said of songwriting. "I mean, you're just being creative, so you don't know if you're going to get a great song that day or not get a great song. But I feel like we really got lucky and just wrote so many songs back to back that we felt like were great songs. Honestly, normally that doesn't happen that way."

On the heels of being on the road for two years straight, Beeken called the opportunity to focus on songwriting "a big breath of fresh air."

"When we got home, I just think we were so ready to write," he explained. "We had lived so much life. A lot of us had been through a lot of different things, so we kind of had a lot of stuff in the tank to draw from, and it just kind of allowed the songs to pour out really fast. I'm kind of an all-in person. So, knowing that we had two months, I was really excited."

Beeken said he "made songwriting his only purpose in life all day every day." The group wrote songs during the day, made demos at night and repeated the process seven days a week.

"It was really intense, but it was really fun to get lost in songwriting because I think we ended up coming out with the best songs we've ever written and songs that I think we felt personally connected to more than any of the songs in the past," Beeken continued. "We've all written hundreds of songs up to this point, but the last 20 songs that we wrote, I feel like we really connect to, and we really try to challenge ourselves to make them as authentic as possible."

After the bandmates wrote and collected the batch of songs for the project, they had to get into the studio and record them.

Restless Road called the album "Last Rodeo," but members explain it's a partial line from the song "Last Rodeo." The complete lyric is: "This ain't my Last Rodeo."

"We thought that when we were picking the title, that song said everything we wanted to say about our journey," Nichols said. "We started this band when we were 18 years old. You have a dream. The dream has been the same since the very beginning. We thought anything was possible. Sitting here today, I feel like we've proven that anything is possible.

Beeken added: "The dream from day one was to be the biggest band in country music. We're not there yet, but we're on our way. It's still the goal today."

With the new album now in stores, Restless Road is preparing to hit the road again in 2024.

 Tickets for the tour will go on sale 10 a.m. Friday, October 27, with various pre-sales starting on Tuesday. For more information on where to purchase tickets, please visit

Last Rodeo Tour Dates

1/11/24            Atlanta, GA                 Buckhead Theater
1/12/24            Nashville, TN              Brooklyn Bowl
1/13/24            Cincinnati, OH             Bogarts
1/18/24            Minneapolis, MN         Varsity Theater
1/19/24            Milwaukee, WI            The Rave II
1/20/24            Columbus, OH            The Bluestone
1/25/24            New York, NY             Gramercy Theater
1/26/24            McKees Rocks, PA     Roxian Theater
1/27/24            Detroit, MI                   Majestic Theater

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