Easton Corbin: Behind the Scenes of New Video

See the Making of "Baby Be My Love Song"

Every great country song has a story to tell. And lucky for Easton Corbin fans, this one’s being told at Pinewood Social in Nashville.

Corbin and his band -- who have never joined him in a video until now -- recently shot the “Baby Be My Love Song” video at the popular Nashville gathering place and had Shaun Silva there to help bring the song’s lyrics to life.

And the way Silva explains it in this behind-the-scenes video, while Corbin is singing the tune from the vintage bowling alley, the bartender at the bar has his eye on a girl and gives her the key so she can lock up at closing time.

”He hands her the key, which is the invitation for her to stay after hours and hang out with him,” Silva says. “He comes in and tosses her a beach towel. I’m not gonna tell you what happens with the beach towel.”

If you’ve never been to Pinewood Social, it’s probably hard to imagine a place that would be part coffee shop, part bar and restaurant, part bowling alley, part bocce court, part hot bartenders, part pool, part Airstream patio bar. But, trust me, it is all that. And it’s every bit as cool as it sounds.

The song was penned by Nashville hitmakers Jim Collins and Brett James, and will be on Corbin’s next album, About to Get Real, due out June 30.

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