Bri Fletcher, Katie Austin and a Group of Young Female Country Artists Inspire Women to "Glow"

"[Women] are so strong at proving that we can do anything we put our minds to," says Fletcher

Country artist and empowerment activist Bri Fletcher's latest release is "Glow," a women's empowerment anthem and collaborative effort featuring some of the genre's rising and strongest voices, including Katie Austin, Liv Charette, Kaylin Roberson, April Kry, Ashlie Amber, Tori Allen, Brailey Lenderman, and Sara Spicer.

Regarding the making of the song's video, Fletcher noted, "I remember just being so blown away by all the talented women in the room. I just felt so lucky to be a part of this project. There was one moment when we all shot for the first time all together, and that was the first time we ever heard the song sung by everyone, live in the same room." She continued, "I just got so emotional cause it was actually happening and we were all together bringing this beautiful song to life!"

The song's greatest strength is that it allows each vocalist the opportunity to uniquely represent themselves and showcase how women become stronger through unity. Related, Fletcher added, "This song is to let women know that first off, they are not alone in anything they go through, and secondly that there is always someone waiting to be there for them and support them! Women can handle the pressure, and sometimes we perform our best when people question if we are good enough. We are so strong at proving that we can do anything we put our minds to!"

When not singing songs of empowerment and unifying nearly a dozen Nashville stars, Bri Fletcher is also the founder of Debully My School, an anti-bullying organization that uses music -- via live concerts and educational programs -- to teach about learning respect for diversity and the need for anti-bullying initiatives in America's schools.

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