Garth Brooks Will Bring His Stadium Tour to Nashville

Brooks previously told 'Billboard' he will not raise ticket prices for his concerts

There is not much in the music industry that Garth Brooks hasn't conquered, with his legendary catalog of hits and his ability to put on a show that is both high-energy, yet maintains an intense connection with fans, whether they are in the front row or the very back of the venue.

However, Brooks just announced he will perform his first-ever show at Nashville's Nissan Stadium, on July 31. The show is part of The Garth Brooks Stadium Tour, and will feature full capacity shows and in-the-round seating, with an eight-ticket limit for guests. Tickets go on sale June 25 at 10 a.m. CT.

Brooks previously told Billboard that he intends to do everything possible to help fans have a safe return to his shows, and added that though implementing health and safety protocols will cost money, he will not be raising ticket prices for his concerts. Tickets for his upcoming Nashville show are $94.95, inclusive of all taxes and fees.

"That’s a lot of stadium expenses: The sanitization of everything, the addition of masks, the addition of hand sanitization stations," Brooks told Billboard. "My thing is, if we make 100 percent of each ticket — and because of the COVID regulations and restrictions that we have to put in and pay for, we make 95 percent — I’m more than okay with that."

Additional stadium shows on Brooks' calendar include stops in Las Vegas, Nevada (July 10), Salt Lake City, Utah (July 17), Kansas City, Missouri (Aug. 7), Lincoln, Nebraska (Aug. 14), Cincinnati, Ohio (Sept. 18) and Charlotte, North Carolina (Sept. 25).

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