When Kelsea Ballerini and Halsey After-Party at a Dive Bar

The Stars' Karaoke Go-To? Kid Rock

I should've known it would come to this because Kelsea Ballerini is, at her core, a fan girl.

But she's also Kelsea Ballerini, which means she's able to make dreams come true, like singing cover songs with one of her pop heroes late at night.

Early on Wednesday (July 18), Ballerini tweeted that she was already 100 percent ready to girl crush on Halsey at her Nashville show. And she shared on Instagram that "if you hear someone screaming castle uncontrollably, it’s 100% me."

And then after the show -- way, way, way after -- the two singers hit up a dive bar and covered a Kid Rock song, per Halsey.

Looks like someone did, in fact, know their names because the videos are everywhere (also, it's hard to miss Halsey, because blue hair).

Ballerini's next tour stop is with Keith Urban on July 20 in California.

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