Garth Brooks Releases Reflective Ballad "That's What Cowboys Do"

The "Friends In Low Places" vocalist's latest is his fifth single from his album 'Fun'

Garth Brooks' latest, "That's What Cowboys Do," is an impassioned, reflective and emotional ballad that discovers a refreshed way to tell a timeless tale of love, heartbreak and the rodeo. Following his collaborative cover of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born soundtrack song "Shallow" with wife Trisha Yearwood, he continues with yet another massive tug at the heartstrings.

The track is the fifth single released from Brooks' 14th studio album, Fun. Loaded with slide guitars and fiddles, it tells the story of a rodeo cowboy who falls for, then leaves, their love interest. As the legend sings, "But a cowboy's always got somewhere to go / Another song to sing, another day to save, another rodeo / They're always leavin' town, chasin' sunsets down / It ain't nothin' new / Yeah, they're just passin' through / That's what cowboys do."

When not offering lovelorn thoughts about life on the Texas plains, Brooks is gearing up for an impressive all-stadium tour that is one of the most intriguing -- and most eagerly anticipated -- of the post-quarantine era. In regards to his forthcoming dates, the "Friends In Low Places" vocalist told USA Today the following:

"Somebody has got to take the first step. The thing that's going to ease your anxiety the most is to know it's done right," Brooks offered. He continued, "All the stars lined up and we feel very, very lucky. To be one of the first people out to step into the stadiums, it's an honor, but also it's a great responsibility. I owe it to this country to hopefully be some kind of example on doing things the right way."

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