Jason Aldean: The Instagram Focus Group

Solicits Song Feedback Via Social Media

Jason Aldean spent his Sunday afternoon (Nov. 27) asking his fans and followers for their thoughts on his new single.

"Has anybody heard the new single yet? Tell me what you think! #anyolbarstool," he wrote on Instagram.

Some of my favorite responses about the new break-up ballad were:

"Maybe you should ask your new-found party crowd though."

"Mr. Aldean, the single is awesome!"

"You could sing the damn phone book and I would still love it."

"I haven't heard a song sang by you that I haven't liked!"

"You have this amazing ability to give us songs with such emotion with this overtone of longing."

"It's got that old Jason Aldean kind of vibe, reminiscent of the good old times."

"Voice smooth like butta!"

And then, even though it's not about the song, there was this one comment that kind of said it all:

"I'm so happy u don't wear skinny jeans."

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