Dustin Lynch Keeps Growing With "Where It's At"

New Song and Video Take Lynch Into Unfamiliar Territory

Dustin Lynch is showing fans "Where It's At" with his latest single and video.

"What a perfect introduction to this next chapter of music for me," Lynch told CMT Hot 20 Countdown about the debut single from his upcoming second album. "It's musically a new groove that we haven't put out to radio, and it's changing my life."

Lynch says "Where It's At" features a well-rounded take on his traditionally-inspired sound. And with the song steadily making its way up the charts -- currently at No. 15 on Billboard's country songs list -- fans seem to like it.

"With the success we're having right off the bat with this song, it's really exciting to see what's coming next," he said. "It has kinda put everything into overdrive for us."

When the time came to create a music video for the new single, the singer kept its storyline classic while adding a contemporary twist.

"This is all about a point of view -- a selfie," Lynch said.

"It's about a relationship that's been going on for a while and just different scenes. We'll have a scene here on the rooftop eating breakfast, on the couch, just like a Sunday morning. We'll do a scene downtown having a blast on Broadway and in Printers Alley in Nashville."

This is the "Cowboys and Angels" singer's third music video but his first real acting experience. Admittedly, Lynch had some adjusting to do.

"I love music videos just because it takes me out of my element, and I love a good challenge," he said while on the set of the video shoot. "My first two videos were performance-driven. That's pretty easy -- just stand there and hold a guitar. Today, the interaction with the girl on camera, I'm going to have to do a little acting, so I'm excited about that."

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