Kasey Tyndall And Dylan Marlowe Join Forces On Redneck Ballad, “Place For Me”

Country fans can expect more music from Kasey Tyndall and Dylan Marlowe sooner rather than later.

Kasey Tyndall and Dylan Marlow’s authenticity placed their names on radars nationwide, but their outlaw country approach led them to become stand-out acts in Nashville. The two recently joined forces on “Place For Me,” an honest ballad that conveys who they are at their very core – adventure seekers with a deep love for their southern roots. 

Tyndall co-wrote the track alongside Jason Gantt, Jason Nix, and Jenna LaMaster. The imagery-heavy lyrics comprised of tongue-in-cheek comparisons describes what heaven would look like for a redneck. 

“If rednecks got a place up in Heaven| My first Chevy’s waitin’ on me | And I can see it right now, best seat in the house | Is a deer stand up a pine tree,” sings Tyndall. “If the Sunday crowd gets a little too loud | And granddaddy’s there you best believe | That if rednecks got a place up in Heaven | There’s a place for me, a place for me.” 

Tyndall told CMT that the sentimental storyline was far from difficult to pen, as the idea came to her the night before the songwriting session. 

“Jenna’s one of my best girlfriends. I called her about the idea the night before we had this co-write set up. I was like, ‘It’s pretty redneck.’ She was like, ‘I expected that from you,’” recalled Tyndall. “The song wrote itself, in my opinion – every line just fell in our laps. Jason Gantt did a track in the room that day, and it initially helped bring it to life. The whole process has been awesome and easy, affirming that the song was meant to come out. There are many songs we write every day that feel like we’re beating our heads against the wall. Most of the time, there’s a reason for that… this one was not that,” she added. 

The North Carolina native secured her spot in the genre with her undeniable crowd appeal, edgy persona, and explosive country-rock twang, but “Place For Me” shines a new light on the mother-to-be. While lyrically tugging at heartstrings, Tyndall displays her smooth side. Tyndall said incorporating Marlowe’s contemporary-country sound was also a no-brainer. 

“I just knew I  wanted to have a dude on this song with me,” declared Tyndall. “I just thought, ‘who thinks like me or lives like me in the song?’ and that’s Dylan. When you sing a song…you want to mean what you sing. So, he’s definitely country.” 

When Tyndall presented the offer, Marlowe revealed that he couldn’t turn it down. 

“I was honored because I’ve never done a feature that’s been put out,” shared Marlowe. “If it [‘Place For Me’] were sent to me as an artist, I would cut it anyways because it was that good. I was a little worried because I had never done harmonies before. I usually just sing the lead vocals. It was really fun getting to learn how to do that.” 

Marlowe continued to explain how Tyndall pushed his musical boundaries and challenged him to play with his vocal range. 

“I definitely came out of my comfort zone,” Marlowe said in confidence. “It was really fun. I always try to sing Harmony in my truck, but I’m  always far off. So, getting some direction definitely helped. Although it was difficult, It was fun to push my limits of what I normally do.” 

The two hope listeners can find more than one way to relate to the emotional-driven ballad. 

“I feel like everybody listens to a song and kind of hears what they need to hear from it,” said the songstress. “It’s like reading the Bible…somebody might read a verse, and it hits them one way, and somebody else reads it, and it hits ‘em another. I mean every word in this song,  I truly think my first truck is going to be there [in heaven] because I loved her so much. However, it’s supposed to hit that person, that’s what I want.” 

Tyndall confirmed that “Place For Me” will not be the last feel-good track from her, as more music is in the pipeline. Although a full-length album is still a possibility, she said an EP is in the works. 

“It’s going to be an EP for sure. We just wrote so many great songs. We’ve got one that’s probably the most rick that I’ve ever done, then I’ve got some softer stuff too,” uttered the must-watch artist. “I think it’s important to showcase all the sides of who I am. That’s what I love about “Place For Me” it does show that softer side. I think it’s who Dylan is too, which is one of the reasons why I asked him to be part of the song.” 

As Tyndall cultivates her forthcoming collection and relishes in the success of her two-episode docuseries featuring Lainey Wilson, Drake White, and more – Marlowe is gearing up to drop a new single titled, “Record High.” 

“I’m really proud of it,” he said, full of enthusiasm. “It already got good traction already. So, I’m going to try to keep pushing it forward. I’m really excited, I’ve had it for a while, and it’s just one of those things that feels like a masterpiece.” 

Record High” will be available to stream on Jan. 27. The two country rockers are scheduled to appear at a string of notable festivals in 2023. 

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