Midland Once Turned Down a Request From Tim McGraw

Midland recently released 'Midland: The Sonic Ranch Documentary'

Most rising country artists wouldn’t dare turn down a request from a superstar, but one time, Midland had to say no to Tim McGraw.

The trio recently told CMT Radio’s Cody Alan about a time they had to decline a performance invite from McGraw when they were opening a string of shows in Canada for the superstar’s Soul2Soul tour with Faith Hill in 2017.

Midland’s Mark Wystrach said, “We just flew in from doing four dates with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill in Canada. Tim asked us to come on stage and sing ‘Dixieland Delight’ with him like we did in Edmonton, and we had to tell Tim McGraw ‘No.’”

The trio had a good reason for declining the offer.

“We had to drive three hours to Regina,” added Midland’s Cameron Duddy. “We can say that because it’s a real place.”

Wystrach said, “With six guys, four guitars and suitcases, it was ridiculous. Then, to catch a red-eye, which wasn’t really a red-eye because we had to connect in the middle of the flight and go through customs in Toronto. So, I would sleep for an hour, get off the plane, go through customs, try to sleep for like an hour. It’s the age-old tale of musicians. We aren’t complaining.”

The trio says they still have a great relationship with McGraw and Hill.

“Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are maybe two of the biggest class acts that we have ever met,” Carson says.

McGraw and Midland are both celebrating recent musical releases. McGraw recently collaborated with FGL’s Tyler Hubbard on the hit “Undivided,” while Midland recently issued Midland: The Sonic Ranch Documentary, which chronicles the group’s origin story in Texas.

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