WATCH: Mickey Guyton Releases New Version Of Breakup Anthem, "Better Than You Left Me"

Mickey Guyton: "The song that started it all for me."

Country music powerhouse Mickey Guyton has gone back in time and pulled a classic to revamp from her impressive catalog.

The multi-platinum artist took to social media Tuesday (May 31) to share an acoustic version of her 2015 debut single, "Better Than You Left Me."

Throughout the relatable breakup banger, the protagonist finds herself reflecting on old memories she made with her ex-lover. While placing pieces of her heart back together after a breakup, she turns to her best friends for support and realizes she's better off alone.

"'Better Than You Left Me' means so much to me, it's the song that I wrote when I first moved to Nashville. It's about my healing process, of getting over my ex-boyfriend," said the songstress in 2015. "The concept of this video is just me getting through this breakup. It stars my best friends, I actually live with and we're just going to different locations in Nashville."

Guyton proves that she's an independent woman, who won't let a breakup interfere with her happiness. In the music video – Guyton is captured grabbing coffee with friends, singing karaoke, taking a joy ride in a convertible, and browsing a record store.

Guyton penned the empowerment anthem alongside Jennifer Hanson, Jenn Schott, and Nathan Chapman. To date, "Better Than You Left Me" is the vocalist's most well-liked music video, with over 7.5 million views. The single quickly became Guyton's golden ticket to stardom, as it peaked at No. 34 on the US Country Airplay chart and No.42 on the Canada Country chart. Following the release, Guyton received a nomination for Best Female Vocalist at the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2016.

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"The song that started it all for me," shared the hitmaker on social.

While sitting beside her guitarist, the four-time Grammy-nominated singer tackled the fan favorite. The soulful cover displays her wide vocal range, as she flawlessly nails challenging notes, riffs, and jaw-dropping runs. The acoustic version highlights Guyton's growth as a vocalist.

"I'm better than you left me | I'm better than I should be | I'm better than I was when you walked out that door | I'm stronger than the woman, the one that you knew back then | So don't you think I'll take you back like every time before | No, baby I don't think you know me anymore | I'm better than you left me," she belted.

Fans instantly flooded the comment section to praise her chill-provoking pipes and to recall the first time they heard the single.

"Still remember the first time I heard this. On the radio driving through Dallas, dreamin about moving to Nash. Stopped my world then and still does," shared fast-rising artist Abby Anderson. "Discovered you from this song! Boy, am I glad I did 🙌 🔥."

"Better Than You Left Me" served as the first single from her self-titled second EP. Now, the hit lives on the Texas native's 2021 award-winning record "Remember Her Name" and 2022 EP "I AM WOMAN," which also includes inspiring singles "Love My Hair," "Lay It On Me," "Sister," and more. To go along with the surprise rendition – the female trailblazer warned fans to keep their eyes peeled, because "new things" are on "the horizon."

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