Keith Urban Believes Perpetual Curiosity Led to CMA Win

And What Exactly Did Nicole Kidman Whisper to Him?

Eleven times Keith Urban was up for the CMA Awards’ top honor of entertainer of the year. And only twice has his name been called. So, there is no doubt he’s never comin’ down from Wednesday’s (Nov. 14) win.

Backstage at the 52nd annual ceremony, one reporter asked what wife Nicole Kidman whispered in his ear as the shock washed over him in the final moments of the show. He didn’t answer that particular question, but he did express that her support is everything.

“I feel very blessed that I have the support of my family like I do,” he said. “It’s a beautiful thing having two artists [under one roof] because we understand the passion and the responsibility of what we get to do. It’s very important.”

He added that he wished his father had lived long enough to see him win entertainer of the year a second time. His father, Robert Urban, died in Dec. 2015 from cancer.

“I mentioned my father [onstage] because he’s such a huge influence in my life,” Urban said. “My mom and dad both are. And I wish he could have seen this tonight. He set me on the path that I’m on. But I feel his presence. I’m very grateful for that.”

When asked whether he thought his relentless creativity had a hand in his win, Urban expressed there is a difference between reinvention and endless curiosity.

“I don’t think it’s reinvention,” Urban said. “That doesn’t resonate with me. I love curiosity, and I love passion, and I feel fortunate that I have both of those in spades. I feel exactly the same as I did when I moved to town 26 years ago. I get excited to get into the studio. I get excited to put a show on. I don’t feel any different, and it’s crazy.

“At the end of the day, I’m an artist, and we create … that’s why I’m tinkering with the show every day because it keeps me engaged, and it keeps it fresh, and it keeps it real.”

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