OFFSTAGE: Connie Britton Expected Nashville to Be Easy

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Connie Britton admits she made a rookie mistake moving to Nashville. A rookie-mom mistake, to be exact. She moved to Music City to shoot her show Nashville. But the way she explains it, it wasn't the best decision at first.

"I thought it would be easy to move to Nashville, a town where I didn't know a soul, start filming a show that shoots long hours, with a son I'd only adopted four months earlier. That was a rookie mom mistake," Britton says in the new issue of Ladies' Home Journal. "It's been a challenging year, but there've been tremendous rewards."

The show, obviously, is one of the rewards. As is the perk of being neighbors with some of country's finest. "I've become neighbors with Brad Paisley and his wife, Kimberly. My son plays with their kids," Britton said.

As for her character Rayna James, we don't know exactly what her fate is after the season-finale car wreck back in May, but the new season starts up Sept. 25. "She has a wisdom that a 20-year-old just doesn't have," Britton said of James' sexiness.

Hopefully she'll bring that sexy back just as soon as she gets out of that hideous coma.

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