Chris Stapleton Adds Guest Vocals to Caylee Hammack's "Small Town Hypocrite"

"Life is a beautiful full circle sometimes. I am so grateful to Chris for singing on this song," Hammack says

A year after its initial release, star country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton has added guest vocal appearance to an updated version of Caylee Hammack's well-regarded "autobiographical" single, "Small Town Hypocrite."

2020 proved to be incredibly pivotal for the female performer and her personal song. Both NPR and Esquire singled out "Small Town Hypocrite" as one of their “Best Songs of 2020.” In particular, NPR wrote that the song was "so well-written and communicated...Never fitting in, sacrificing a scholarship for love, being cheated on, and realizing mistakes, it's all here in elegantly scored music — sighing steel guitars and murmuring keys — that sports hooks, urgency, and a chorus that comfortably sticks in your ear.”

“My one whim for this song was to hear Chris Stapleton accompany me on it,” Hammack noted about the updated version in a press release. “Two years after I spoke this wish out loud in the studio, Chris agreed to sing the part I had written in hopes of hearing his voice on it. Life is a beautiful full circle sometimes. I am so grateful to Chris for singing on this song."

Regarding the song about her upbringing in Ellaville, Georgia, Hammack—in a 2020 interview—told American Songwriter, “I love my small town. But it took many years of me being away from it to realize how much I actually loved it and how much good was in it. It’s not that the town itself is hypocritical. It just seemed to be the men I was attracted to were the dreamers that would scheme and say, ‘Oh, I’m gonna get out of here.’ The people that hated the small town for some reason and complained about it constantly, but then never left.”

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