On the Count of 'III', Nichols Celebrates Gold Album

Party Guests Include James Burton, Gene Watson

Joe Nichols' gold party for III on Tuesday night (April 11) turned out to be such a casual affair that they forgot to hand out the rest of the plaques. After everybody stepped off the stage following a round of photos, about a dozen frames were still leaning against the wall of Cabana, a trendy and bright new restaurant in Nashville's Hillsboro Village neighborhood. But nobody seemed to mind as long as the bar remained open and the sun was shining through.

"I didn't realize that gold records brought everybody out, but obviously they do -- and the free booze. That's awesome, too," Nichols said from the stage. "All right, thanks everybody for coming out here today. I hope I didn't forget anybody. If I did, I'm sorry. And be sure to come to the platinum party because I'll remember everybody."

Guests at the party included legendary guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member James Burton, Universal South label heads Tony Brown and Tim DuBois, Nashville Mayor Bill Purcell and one of Nichols' favorite country singers, Gene Watson. Nichols included a cover of Watson's 1979 hit, "Should I Go Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)" on III. He also included a remake of Watson's "Farewell Party" on his previous album, Revelation. In the middle of his rambling speech, Nichols exclaimed, "By God, how about some Gene Watson!"

III includes the No. 1 hit, "Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off," and the new single, "Size Matters (Someday)." Partygoers munched on tiny chicken sandwiches, walnut-chicken salad on tiny circles of toast and a platter of deviled eggs.

"By God, enjoy yourselves," Nichols concluded, after rattling off a list of people who helped him achieve the milestone. "Have some beer. Let's get drunk."

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