Kristen Bell Draws "Moose Knuckle" Chuckle at 2014 CMT Music Awards

Host Gets Comfortable With an Ode to Tight Jeans

Kristen Bell seems like she's starting to feel at home on the CMT Music Awards stage. Kicking off her third year as host on Wednesday (June 4), the quick-witted actress-singer immediately took aim at the latest trend in men's country fashion.

"We love our country guys -- I mean, really love them," Bell began. "We love their style, their swagger, their in-your-face attitude. But there's one thing that's maybe too in our face, guys ... those too tight jeans."

Deciding it would be too difficult to say what she meant with decency, the host launched into an original song celebrating big belt buckles and, ahem, big moose knuckles.

While Bell described the terms of her shapely complaint, the camera panned around the room to flagrant violators like Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley.

Nicole Kidman, Urban's better half, gave him the "I-told-you-so" look while the Australian heartthrob doubled over in laughter. Meanwhile, Bryan blushed but seemed to agree with the assessment, and Kelley looked honestly shocked.

Bell's sense of style, however, never came into question. Wearing a black jumpsuit embellished with sequins and silver sparkle, she struck the perfect balance between glamour and down-home style.

Earlier on, the star of Frozen and Veronica Mars appeared in a video skit poking fun at the fact she had to host this year's show alone. After failing to find a sidekick using an awards-show-hosting app called "Hollr," she decided to go solo and arrived onstage after some not-so-encouraging words from Urban, Bryan and Dierks Bentley.

Maybe that led to the tight-pants teasing.

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