Taylor Swift Fans the Flames on "Picture to Burn"

New Single Gets the Most Crowd Response During Her Concerts

Check out behind-the-scenes photos from the video shoot.

With her new video, "Picture to Burn," Taylor Swift gets to show off her fiery side.

"This song is my angry song on my album," Swift told CMT Insider prior to the video shoot. "I'm really excited we're releasing it because I went out on the road to all these tours and would play it every night, and literally even though it wasn't a single yet, it would get the most crowd response. ... As loud as it is in concert with all the girls screaming it, I think it will multiply when this becomes a single."

Here she talks about the dangers of big hair, MySpace and trading in her signature dresses for a pair of pants.

CMT Insider: Why do you think the girls relate to this song?

Taylor Swift: I think girls can relate to the song because basically it's about just being mad. And it's OK to be mad after a breakup or after something goes wrong with a relationship. It's just like completely, brutally honest. It's also kind of funny. It's got a comedic edge to it.

Is this the first time fire has been involved in one of your videos?

This is the first time I've ever had fire in my videos. I'm very excited about the fire element of it. I think there's going to be a significant amount of flames here. Hopefully none of the "fro" gets caught on fire, you know.

Do you put a lot of thought into your videos?

I really like to do something different with each one. You know, for "Tim McGraw" we told a story, and it was all outside. Then we completely changed it up for "Teardrops" where I was a different girl at a school with a different guy. And for "Our Song," we just went fantasy with all the styles. For this video, we're changing it up. We're going a little edgier with fire and crazy clothing and stuff like that. Hopefully this will be a funnier video.

You've hit 40 million streams on your MySpace page.

It's crazy. I'm so excited about hitting 40 million streams on MySpace. That's a lot of streams. I'm so pumped about it. And MySpace has been such a huge deal to me. I've always paid attention to it and stayed on top of it, and I'm really glad it's paid off.

You talk to your fans, don't you?

I'm on MySpace all the time actually. I really try to give back to people and you know you can't give back to everybody, but I try as hard as I possibly can. I'm always putting up blogs, and anytime anything happens, I'm just, "Hey, you guys, look what happened today!"

Tell me about the style in this video.

Of course, I'll have a dress on for one of the shots. But some of the other ones are more edgy. Actually I have a dress on for two shots. I love dresses, but I might wear pants in this video. It's a shocker, and I know it might take a while for people to realize that it's me because I'm wearing pants, but I might pull out some pants and try to rock 'em.

How are you dealing with all the success?

I'm just dealing with this, you know. I'm not over-thinking it. I'm not feeling like, "Oh, my God. My life is so different now. Let's stress out about it." I don't want anybody feeling bad for me. I have so much to be thankful for right now that if I sweat the small stuff, or I sweat negative anything, if I even pay attention to that ... I feel like I've been so lucky to be able to be here, so I just try to stay on an even keel -- and have fun at videos and light stuff on fire.

View Taylor Swift's video for "Picture to Burn."

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