Keith Urban on the Spiritual Wake-Up Call

Is 50 Going to Be His Best Age?

Keith Urban is going to turn 50 in October, and he sure is making middle age look good.

So when he was on Canada's Global News Morning recently to promote his upcoming show in Montréal, Québec on Aug. 12, the show hosts rattled off all the awards Urban has collected in all his years in music and then asked him if he was still having fun.

Urban said maybe now more that ever.


"You get further along in life, you're meant to wake up, right? Sort of spiritually wake up," Urban said of his current spot in the music universe.

"So I'm more aware of it all, and appreciate it more than ever," he said.

Then he went into a little impromptu karaoke with the hosts, doing his best Gloria Gaynor singing along to her 1978 hit "I Will Survive."

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