Watch: Sam Hunt Turns Nostalgic Home Movies Into Music Video "Start Nowhere"

The music video opens with Sam Hunt sending his brother galloping head-first into a barn building on the back of a goat.

Sam Hunt admits that when he became a father to his baby girl Lucy Lu earlier this year, it made him more sentimental.

When it came time to construct a music video for his new song "Start Nowhere," the Georgia native looked no further than family movies for inspiration. He couldn't be happier with the finished product.

"I connect with that video so much," Hunt told People. "I'm like, 'Well, how much of this is me just connecting to my family and how much of it is just stepping outside myself and just appreciating the nostalgia of that era and the love in mom's eyes and all the things that show up there that are just real and authentic."

The video includes footage of Hunt and his brothers growing up on the farm, playing sports, hunting, hanging out with their parents and more. Viewers will see Hunt send one of his little brothers galloping into a wooden gate on the back of a goat. Hunt, a child himself, lifted his brother off the ground while his brother screamed, "Get Out Of My Way."

"I couldn't believe we caught that on camera because we were always into things like that," Hunt told PEOPLE. "That was back before cell phone cameras, and for whatever reason, that day, my brother Ben grabbed my dad's VHS camera that you had to throw over your shoulder and took it out there with us."

Ben's goat rodeo antics provide the opening scenes for "Start Nowhere," which Hunt wrote with Zach Crowell, Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne.

Lyrics include "Life caught up the way that it does / Don't even know who I was / Before my world got so unsteady / Man, I'm ready to feel alright."

The home movies were top of mind for Hunt because a few Christmases ago, someone pulled the old clips out, and the family watched them together. At the time, Hunt thought they'd be great footage for him to use but wasn't sure he'd ever get the opportunity. His father recently had the movies digitized and the singer told People he thought the video for "Start Nowhere" was the perfect place to use them.

He was worried that there wouldn't be enough footage for the throughline in the music video but quickly learned that wasn't the case. Sifting through the clips, he found the "sweet spot" for the film was the decade between 2 and 12 years old.  

"Having a child myself and seeing my parents at my age now raising me, it's a whole existential experience," Hunt told PEOPLE. "I don't think I would've forced myself to sit down and actually watch all that stuff if I hadn't been trying to put together a music video. It all was a big full circle moment for me."

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