Brothers Osborne Thankful for Each Other

Beyoncé, Dixie Chicks Interrupt New Vocal Duo of the Year's Backstage Press Conference

Of all the artists who visited the backstage press conferences at Wednesday’s (Nov. 2) CMA Awards, new vocal duo of the year winners Brothers Osborne made the media laugh the hardest.

Near the close of their Q&A session, they jokingly gave reporters a hard time for getting distracted by the surprise Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks collaboration that suddenly appeared live on muted televisions flanking both sides of the stage.

“Who just won?” John Osborne asked as he noticed faces moving away from the conference and toward the TV screens.

“Oh ... Beyoncé," he joked. "Y’all, c’mon! Beyoncé? Y’all have seen that! Get back to work! I’m going to call your bosses in the morning. Oh ... the Dixie Chicks are on?

"All right. We're done here. We’re done.”

Before the night’s big surprise interrupted their conversation, they were talking about what it meant to them to share their first CMA win together.

“There were so many people I wanted thank up there tonight,” TJ said. “I wish I would have prepared a speech and had a note of names to say. Ultimately, why I knew I did not need a notecard full of names is that there’s really one person I’m incredibly thankful for -- and it’s my brother. He’s the best human I’ve ever met in my life. I get to share the road with him, tour with him, play music with him…”

“And smell all my farts,” John joked.

“And win awards with him,” TJ continued. “Honestly, it is cooler than anything I can ever imagine. It’s better than anything I’ve ever done and ever will do. This guy right here is the shit, and that’s what makes it easy.”

They did take time to thank anyone and everyone who ever believed in their music as well the folks behind the scenes who help them run their business.

“The worst part about getting an award, by the way, is seeing that clock count down because it creates a bunch of damn nerves,” TJ admitted.

John completely missed that part.

“I didn’t even see the damn clock,” he admitted.

As far as where they are going to keep their new crystal, John joked that he has plans to somehow attach his to the end of his bolo tie for a new necklace.

“I’m going to take this on the road,” TJ added. “We have a tour right now, it’s called the Dirt Rich Tour and we have a collection of stuff that we’ve found at pawn shops laying around. This clearly did not come from a pawn shop. But I’m going to sit it right up on a mantle for everyone to look at it.”

The Dirt Rich Tour continues Friday (Nov. 4) at New York City’s Irving Plaza with one of CMT’s Next Women of Country, Lucie Silvas and LANco.

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