LeAnn Rimes Forced To Reschedule More Shows for Bleed on Vocal Cord

LeAnn Rimes: "I am getting better, but I am unable to talk or sing... doctor's orders!"

LeAnn Rimes' health woes aren't getting better. The singer had to cancel shows on her Joy: The Holiday Tour last weekend because of sudden illness. Today she revealed in a hand-written note on Instagram that the flu, which she endured last week, triggered a more serious medical issue.

"It completely and utterly breaks my heart to have to announce that I will be rescheduling this weekend's shows," she wrote. "While sick with the flu, my doctor discovered a bleed on my vocal cord, caused by the violent cough that came along with being sick. I am getting better, but I am unable to talk or sing... doctor's orders!"

Rimes said the diagnosis and what it means for her Christmas tour leaves her "devastated" because she was looking forward to celebrating the holidays with fans.

Rimes' Ryman Auditorium show in Nashville, Tennessee, is rescheduled for April 8, 2023, and her concert at Riverside Casino and Golf resort in Riverside, Iowa, is now set for September 29, 2023.

Her Joy: The Holiday Tour will resume on December 16 in Lincoln City, Oregon.

In addition to Christmas songs, the singer will also revisit her list of hits of songs, including "Blue" and "Nothin' Better To Do," as well as cherry-pick tracks from her new faith-centric album, "God's Work." The 12-song collection intertwines her beliefs and personal experiences with the unmistakable voice that made her a star as a teenager.

"I've been on my own spiritual path for the last probably 10 years, just trying to figure out what it does mean to me. It shifts and changes all the time, and I learn new things, and I'm one of those people that's incredibly open-minded and open-hearted to the inclusivity of everyone's beliefs," she told The Ty Bentli Show on Apple Music Country. "And I also understand that we all have a very specific lens that we view life through that's very unique to who we are, where all of our traumas and all of our lessons and all of our experiences really do dictate what that lens is."

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