To Preview Her Next Album, Lori McKenna Picks "Good Fight"

'The Balladeer' Set for July 24

Lori McKenna is taking a look at everlasting love -- arguments and all -- in her newest track, "Good Fight." She co-wrote the song with Hillary Lindsey and Liz Rose, her fellow members of the Love Junkies. It's the latest cut to surface from her upcoming project, The Balladeer, which she recorded in Nashville with producer Dave Cobb.

“When it came time to make the video for ‘Good Fight’ I just loved the idea of having boxers in the ring," McKenna says in a statement. "It’s such a skillful dance they do. I loved working with these women that day. They each expressed their own strength in such beautiful and different ways.”

The upbeat, true-to-life lyrics will appeal to listeners who like a love story, as well as those who have had their share of fights throughout a long marriage (and somehow made it through).

“I’m not a person who likes conflict. I’ve spend the majority of my life avoiding conflicts at all costs,” she says in press materials. “I’ve realized that the longer I’ve been married, those things that you fight through are really healthy in most cases. I wrote that with Hillary and Liz. We’re all in these relationships that are very different from one another, but we’re all on the same page of fighting through it -- like, I could kill you, but I can’t live without you!”

McKenna wrote a bulk of The Balladeer alone, although she also collaborated with the Love Junkies on "When You're My Age," which compelled Carrie Underwood to tweet, "I wish I had 1/100th of your talent. Haven’t cried this hard over a song in a long time."

McKenna says, “I’m at the age now where you can see really well where you’re going, because you’re helping your parents and you’ve lived through what your kids are doing. It’s this weird emotional time where you’re like a bookkeeper, writing it all down, trying to make sense of it and add it all up somehow.”

Look for The Balladeer on July 24.

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