Luke Bryan on the Family Effect

When Cousins Become Brothers

When his brother-in-law, Ben Cheshire, died late last year, Luke Bryan did what any good man would do. He took Cheshire's kids in.

And he admits to People that it was hard for everyone, but especially for his nieces Kris and Jordan and his nephew Til.

"Obviously my nieces and nephew, they didn't ask for this,” he said. “Their life was amazing before Caroline and I took a more prominent role, even after losing their mother. Now my focus is trying to do what we can to help them.”

His own boys, Bo and Tate, have adjusted just fine.

"Bo went from being kind of the alpha male to being the middle child, but he takes it in stride. They treat Til like their brother, and Til does the same. And that's what's funny, is Til went from being the baby of his family to being the oldest. It's definitely been a social experiment," Bryan said.

And now that the Bryan boys have a cousin in the mix every day, it seems like it's having a positive effect, especially on their athletic abilities.

"They're becoming better athletes 'cause Til gets to play with them. When I come home, they're throwing the baseball a little farther and hitting the ball a little harder. I know that's 'cause Til's been out in the yard with them," Bryan said.

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